"blocks projectiles and reduces melee damage"

The Wooden Shield is a Secondary Weapon available at Age 6 as an alternative to the Bow and the Great Hammer.


  • The Wooden Shield blocks all projectiles and completely negates their damage. It does not, however, negate said projectile's knockback.
  • The Wooden Shield reduces melee damage to the Player by 80%, but only if aimed correctly.
  • The Wooden Shield slows movement speed by 20%.
  • When the Wooden Shield is used to gather 5,000 Resources, it will turn into the Gold Wooden Shield. Likewise, gathering 10,000 resources with it will turn it into the Diamond Wooden Shield.
    • It should be noted, however, that the Wooden Shield cannot actually gather resources. Instead, players must take advantage of a glitch where the game resources gathered by the player to the item he was using at that time. See Strategy below.


  • A clever strategy that can be used to raid/defend against enemies is to have at least one shield-bearer at the front of a group, blocking arrows and turret bullets while archers shoot over the top of them, protected from enemy fire.
  • The shield is supposed to be used as a tool against archers, but archers can often kite these shield-bearers and/or flank them. To negate this, one can utilize Boost Pads to close the distance. Combine this with a Katana (which many archers forego for a Hand Axe to improve their kiting) and you've got an effective way to kill archers.
  • There is only one known method of obtaining the Gold Shield. You must use the Spikes or Turret to kill animals and quickly switch to the Shield before the animal dies. When you get 5k food from killing animals in total it turns into the gold variant.  Same goes with the Diamond Shield but, you need 10K food to obtain it.
  • Interestingly, if while you have the shield equipped, you switch to another object, say, Cookie, then the cookie will block the damage.


The Shield was added in Update 0.53 on 13/04/2017. It has not changed since then.


  • The Wooden Shield is currently the only item in the game that cannot deal any kind of damage.
  • There is a hidden variant of the Wooden Shield, called in the Datafiles "Shield 2." This weapon appears to be an upgrade of the normal shield.
  • Interestingly, in the same update that the Shield was added in, Sidney states that he fixed a Shield Projectile Bug. How could he fix a bug when the Shield had been added right then?


Primary (Basic Variants)
Hammer 1 Tool Hammer Hammer 1Sword 1 Short Sword Sword 1Samurai 1 Katana Samurai 1

Axe 1 Hand Axe Axe 1Great Axe 1 Great Axe Great Axe 1Spear 1 Polearm Spear 1

Primary (Gold Variants)
Hammer 1 G Tool Hammer Hammer 1 GSword 1 G Short Sword Sword 1 GSamurai 1 G Katana Samurai 1 G

Axe 1 G Hand Axe Axe 1 GGreat Axe 1 G Great Axe Great Axe 1 GSpear 1 G Polearm Spear 1 G

Primary (Diamond Variants)
Hammer 1 D Tool Hammer Hammer 1 DSword 1 D Short Sword Sword 1 DSamurai 1 D Katana Samurai 1 D

Axe 1 D Hand Axe Axe 1 DGreat Axe 1 D Great Axe Great Axe 1 DSpear 1 D Polearm Spear 1 D

Secondary (Basic Variants)
Bow 1 Hunting Bow Bow 1Crossbow 1 Crossbow Crossbow 1Crossbow 2 Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2

Musket 1 Musket Musket 1Shield 1 Wooden Shield Shield 1Great Hammer 1 Great Hammer Great Hammer 1

Secondary (Gold Variants)
Bow 1 G Hunting Bow Bow 1 GCrossbow 1 G Crossbow Crossbow 1 GCrossbow 2 G Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2 G

Musket 1 Musket Musket 1Shield 1 G Wooden Shield Shield 1 GGreat Hammer 1 G Great Hammer Great Hammer 1 G

Secondary (Diamond Variants)
Bow 1 G Hunting Bow Bow 1 GCrossbow 1 D Crossbow Crossbow 1 DCrossbow 2 D Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2 D

Musket 1 Musket Musket 1Shield 1 D Wooden Shield Shield 1 DGreat Hammer 1 D Great Hammer Great Hammer 1 D

Unreleased (Basic Variants)
Bat 1 Bat Bat 1Shotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1Shield 2 Shield 2 Shield 2
Unreleased (Gold Variants)
Bat 1 G Bat Bat 1 GShotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1Shield 2 Shield 2 Shield 2
Unreleased (Diamond Variants)
Bat 1 G Bat Bat 1 GShotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1Shield 2 Shield 2 Shield 2