The Wood Wall is the first wall obtained in MooMoo, and provides limited protection for you and your Clan. It is colored different shades of brown, with a black outline and a hexagonical shape.


  • The wood wall has 331-350 health points.
  • The wood wall costs 10 wood.
  • You can place a maximum of 30 wood walls.
  • The wood wall is obtained at age one at the moment the player joins the game.


  • Use wood walls to build a weak base.
  • Use wood walls to protect your Windmills.
  • Use wood walls to trap Bulls and other hostile mobs by trapping them with a pit trap, placing walls behind them, and then spiking them.


  • The Wood Wall is one of the first items in the game.
  • The Wood Wall is one of the 5 items you spawn with at age 1.
  • The Wood Wall has always been in the game, though technically it was removed in 0.892 as it caused a glitch where all players start out with Stone Walls instead of Wood Walls. This only lasted for a few hours, though, as Sidney quickly fixed this glitch in version 0.893.
  • This is one of the only items that people still use at high ages.
  • The Wood Wall can be upgraded to the Stone Wall at age 2 and then to the Castle Wall at age 7.
  • The Wood Wall is the only wall that can be destroyed by arrows and bullets.


The wood wall has been in the game since its launch, in version 0.16, its health was buffed. In 0.19, its cost was reduced to 15 wood points. In update 0.50, wall collisions were reworked to be more precise. In version 0.68, wood walls were changed to be able to be destroyed by arrows. In version 0.86, muskets and bullets were added, and bullets could destroy wood walls. Version 0.88 increased the wall limit to 25, then, in version 0.891, the wall limit was increased again to the modern standard of 30. Version 0.891 also reduced the cost of Wood Walls to the modern 10 wood points. Soon after, in version 0.892, the item system was redesigned, causing a glitch where wood walls were replaced by stone walls no matter what the player did. Fortunately this glitch was corrected within a matter of hours due to version 0.893.