The Wolf is a hostile Mob in It is the fastest predator in the game and attacks with great precision. The wolf consists of a gray oval(representing the body) connected to a gray circle(representing the head) with two black circles with each having one yellow circle inside it,(representing eyes) two gray triangles with one darker gray triangle inside it,(representing ears) and a black oval.(representing a nose)


  • Wolves deal 15 damage points per as long as they keep their mouth on the player.
  • The wolf has a currently unknown HP.
  • The Wolf drops 500 Gold and 250 Food when killed.
  • Wolves move considerably faster than humans, exactly how much, however, is currently unknown.
  • Wolves are supposed to spawn only in the Snow Biome, but have been observed spawning in all Biomes, even the Desert Biome.
  • Wolves generally spawn in packs, but usually separate and spread all throughout the world.
  • Wolves are the most common animal in the game.
  • Wolves wander the world randomly, if it stumbles upon a player, it will pursue with greater precision than the Bull or Bully. It shares the same limited AI, however.
  • Wolves will not stop and rest, unlike all other animals, unless it notices a player, which then it will for a second or two then turn around.


  • When battling Wolves, never stop moving unless the wolf becomes trapped. Hit the Wolf with your weapon as you run away from it, healing as it bites you.
  • If possible, drop a Pit Trap in front of you when the Wolf gets close enough in order to render it defenseless.
  • Kill the Wolf with arrows/bullets to go for a Golden/Diamond Hunting Bow/Crossbow/Musket.
  • Kill the Wolf with a [Spike then switch to the Wooden Shield to earn the Golden/Diamond Shield.


  • Curiously, Wolves will not attack the player if he wears the Bull Mask, though the Bull Mask is intended for use on Bulls and Bullies.
  • The Wolf is described as spawning "in snow biome", but clearly spawns everywhere as killing the Wolf may occasionally lead to the Wolf re-spawning right next to you no matter which Biome you are in.


Wolves were added in version 0.891, and supposedly spawned only in the Snow Biome. 0.894 increased the number of Wolves in a world and increased the Wolf's attack power.

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