The spinning spikes are one of the two final upgrades on the Spike path, available as an alternative to Poison Spikes. They share a sprite with the Greater Spikes, and they rotate in a similar way to the Windmill.


  • Spinning Spikes are unlocked at age 9 only if Greater Spikes were chosen earlier.
  • Spinning Spikes deal 45 damage points to the enemy or animal that touches it.
  • Spinning Spikes cost 30 Wood points and 20 Stone Points per unit.
  • The limit on Spinning Spikes is 15.
  • Enemies who touch Spinning Spikes are repelled backward.


  • Use spinning spikes the same way you would use normal Spikes, only to greater effect.
  • Keep in mind that spinning spikes cost more Resources than normal or greater spikes so you will need more resources depending on how much you place
  • This type of spike is most effective when killing bulls or other animals using the pit trap strategy where you trap the animal and place a spike next to it to kill it


  • The Spinning Spikes are the only structures that have an animation except for the Windmill.


Spinning Spikes were added at age 9 in version 0.894. At the time they dealt 50 damage points on impact. Version 0.896, they were nerfed to deal only 45.