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This is an Unreleased Item, found in Game Files. It may be released at any time.

The Shield 2 is an Unreleased Weapon in found in the datafiles.


  • How the Shield 2 would be obtained is currently unknown, as it has not been released. However, the fact that it is called the Shield "2" implies that it would be an upgrade or replacement of the Wooden Shield.
  • Since it is a shield, the Shield 2 would most likely be used to block damage. Since it is considerably larger than the Wooden Shield, it would probably have a much wider range and block more damage.
  • There are spikes placed on the outside of the Shield 2. These may just be decorative, but they might also be used to damage players if it is implemented.
  • Gold/Diamond variants of the Shield 2 have not been discovered, but they may exist.


  • Added to the Game Files on 10/2/2017.


  • The Shield_2 image is the only image of a weapon in the datafiles to use the number "2" (Until the Repeater Crossbow). All other images are simply "Sword_1" or "Samurai_1".