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River bases: Step 1: Create some sort of bull protection, they're a real problem on the water(e.g: spikes) Step 2: Create an adequate land defence, the last thing you want is for raiders to raid it(e.g: turrets) Step 3: Create a good build for river defence, it all depends on wether you run away from danger, or fight it, the fish hat can be your best friend if you get raided,  i reccomend buying it just in case you need it. Step 4: Create the main base, platforms are the only thing that you can build on water.
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Step 5: Decide what type of base you want (e.g: A riverside base with boost pads that connects to the water directly, or a more risky base that covers part of the river entirely. Step 6: Utilize rocks to save resources. Step 7: Never trust your team, as always, #TEAMWORK Step 8: Choose the best emergency plan(e.g: run away with boost pads connected to your base) Step 9: Create a backup plan, if all else fails, fallback on an ally's base or your old one. Step 10: No water base is ever going to be perfect, if you build it on the water, bulls are going to be a big problem, if you build it on the riverside, its still not going to get many kills, but it will offer a safe(ish) exit from your main base if need be, as it's unblockable by spikes or traps. BONUS TIP: never trust your teammates, they're plotting against you.