General: Out of the 4 AI animals (Cow, Big Bull, Bully and Pig) the Pig is third rarest, probably cause we all love bacon. The pig is rare and mostly comes around the corner of the map. The Pig is also the slowest animal, which is probably another reason why it is so rare.

Design: The pig is pink with a curly tail and a pig nose.

Pig 1


  • Try luring them into a tree or pit, then get your bacon.
  • Shoot em' down!
  • You could probably chase them down because they are pretty slow


Gold Food Wood Stone
200 80 0 0


The Pig is one of the AI animals in, it drops 200 Gold, and 80 Food. The pig also have more HP than the cow.

Possible Pig names (more will be added ):

  • Helena
  • Nathan
  • Dexter
  • Bacon
  • Porky


  • The pig was the second animal to be added to the game.
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