The Moo Head is a Hat that is obtainable for free and serves no special function.


The Moo Head appears to be the head of a cow. The design is, in fact, the same as the head of a real Cow in


The Moo Hat was first added to in version 0.76, costing 20000 gold and being used as an item of prestige while serving no other purpose.

Version Main Change Other changes
0.76 Moo head added


costs 20,000 Gold

0.77 Moo head becomes free You still have to

click on "buy"



 "moooooooooooo" changed

to "no effect"

You no longer need

to click the Buy


  • Before, it used to say "moooooooooooo" on the hat's description, but this was later removed.
  • The Moo head is one of the 2 first free hats in the game.