Its a hat in It costs 5000 gold to buy it.


The Miner's Helmet resembles a typical Hat worn in Coal Mines. It is yellow and comes with a pair of goggles.


  • The Miner's Helmet earns one Gold point for each resource you harvest.
  • Does not effect resources collected by killing animals or smashing structures.


  • Find a place where you can hit multiple mines at once and start chopping.
  • For best results, use with the Great Axe. If you hit one mine, you will gain those resources and four Gold points. If you hit three or four resources at a time, the total adds up to anywhere from 12 to 16 Gold points per swing. Very effective.
  • Also works well with the Hand Axe.
  • Use when you are gathering resources to earn extra Gold, then switch to another Hat for combat.


Like other Hats in MooMoo, the Miner's Helmet has undergone sprite changes. In version 0.76, it was changed to the modern version. Before then, it looked like this:

Miners Helmet