Healing Pad

The healing pad.

The Healing Pad is an item which can be bought at age 7, it has the same square as the Boost Pad, except instead of an arrow there is a medical sign in the middle, this heals you and is the only structure that uses food to produce. It has the function of the Medic Gear because it heals you slowly when touched,it goes great with the Medic Gear, as it heals you a bit more,but it's not preferred, slightly because players with golden weapons and hunting bows/crossbows (even gold ones, they exist though) can still kill you on that, and it can be destroyed, the limit of placing this is 4.


  • Place healing pads in your base to slowly heal 4 points if you are low on food and need to get some.
  • Keep them protected so your healing source won't be broken by enemy players.
  • In Sandbox, stand on pad so that they can't put a pit trap and you heal.


  • It is one of four structures that can be directly stood on, the other two being the spawn pad and the platform.
  • Most pros won't add this to their "Inventory" because they know it's for cons/noobs.
  • It is the only thing that heals when touched by you or your teammates, along with the hats, Bushido Armor and Medic Gear.


  • 0.85 Buffed Healing Pad. How heals 7 health points per second.
  • 0.84 Added Healing Pad. Heals 5 health points per second. Costs 30 wood and 10 food.