Greater Spikes are a defensive item in that is unlockable at Age 5. The Greater Spikes item is an upgrade from Spikes, and is only obtainable if you chose Greater Spikes over the Mine and Faster Windmill items. The Greater Spike consists of a brown wooden circle, surrounded by six evenly spaced dark grey triangles representing the spikes. Spikes have only 5 spikes.


  • Greater Spikes are an upgrade from Spikeswhich are obtainable at Age one.
  • Greater Spikes are obtainable at Age 5.
  • Greater Spikes do 35 (formerly 40) damage per hit upon contact with a player other than you or your tribe members.
  • Greater Spikes require 30 wood and 10 stone per unit to build.
  • A maximum of 15 Greater Spikes can be placed by one player.


  • Use the Greater Spikes the same way you would use the Spikes.


  • The Greater Spikes have traditionally been the upgrade of the Spike, but there was once a glitch where Spikes ceased to exist, and Greater Spikes were the standard spike.
  • Originally you could only place 10 Greater Spikes.
  • The Greater Spikes is alternative to the Faster Windmill and Stone Mine.


The Greater Spikes have been in the game since its launch. In version 0.25, spike knockback was increased, only to be returned to normal in version 0.27. In 0.52, the Spike limit was increased to the modern 15. It is possible that somewhere along the line the Greater Spikes were buffed, but their original strength is unknown as well as when exactly this happened. Also, they were nerfed in 0.896.