Bullies are the most powerful animals in When killed they will give 2,000 Gold and 200 Food, as well as a lot of age points. They also have more health than normal bulls. They are also faster than normal Bulls.


  • The Bully moves around randomly with no direction until it sees a player to attack. It will then chase the player, it is not very maneuverable.
  • The Bully moves 1.5x the speed of an ordinary player.
  • The Bully deals 20 damage when it touches a player.
  • If a Bully becomes trapped in a Pit Trap, it will no longer be able to harm dangerous.


  • Trap the Bully with a Pit Trap, then place a spike next to it to kill it fast.
  • Kill Bullies with Arrows to obtain the Golden/Diamond Bow/Crossbow/Musket.
  • Kill Bullies with Spikes, then switch to Shield to obtain the Golden/Diamond Shield.
  • It is advised that you keep a long distance from bullies until you have pit traps.
  • If you do encounter a bully at age one and you feel like leveling up quickly, you can run in a straight line across the map, the bully will catch up to you and start hitting it. This will make the bully slow down a bit, ensuring that you will hit it with each swing. If you reach the end of the map, do an abrupt turn and the bully will temporarily veer away from you because of its lack of turning speed. Do the same process of running a straight line but, in the opposite direction you came from, wait for the bully to catch up to you and repeat the same process until you kill it. Note that this works with bulls too and that by running across the map, you could run into somebody's base and the player will trap the bully and steal your kill.


  • The Bully was originally called the Black Bull.
  • The Bully's path finding program is very unsophisticated, and it will frequently try to chase a player by going through a structure instead of around it.


  • 0.76
    • Added
  • 0.77
    • Increased Health from ~1,800 to ~2,500
    • Increased Speed From ??? to ???
    • Increased Size
  • 0.78
    • Renamed from Black Bull to Bully
    • Made Bullys more common
  • 0.79
    • Made Bullys rarer (equal to before 0.78)
    • Adjusted AI to make it easier (rather than always charging strait at, allows stepping to the side to have it circle you)
  • 0.895
    • Increased Bully's Size
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