Old name Big Bull.

The Bull is a hostile Mob in It will give 1k XP, 1k Gold, and 100 Food when killed. They are aggressive and they will attack you on sight, unless you are wearing the Bull Mask.


They have a circular body, with red eyes and horns and a nose ring.


Try to follow it to kill it, but avoid the bull's face, this is where it does damage, and make sure you have lots of food in case you are attacked. If you have enough bulls around you, you can use them as guards. Also try trapping them with a pit trap, which stops them and lowers their damage to 0 from 20, and slowly killing them, but try to hit only the bull, and not the pit trap, until it has lost a reasonable amount of damage. You may place a spike/greater spike right next to the pit trap as if it is in the right position it will deal rapid damage. Another Strategy is to let the Big Bull circle you and attack it without getting hurt at all. Do not go into the Arctic biome as the bull is unaffected by it, but you are slowed down unless you wear the winter cap.

How to kill it

Kill it with a Pit Trap, any kind of Spike, or kill it with a Musket. Katanas and Swords are the best weapons to kill it.


  • There is a Chance where a Bully appears, it looks similar to the normal Bull, but has a Black Body instead of a brown Body and gives 2x the XP, Gold and Food of a normal Bull.
  • A bull will not chase you if it has never seen you move since you spawned. Stopping when you see one is no use since it has the field of view of a regular player. Turning and hitting still count.
  • If you stop moving while a bull chases you and move to the side of its trajectory, there is a chance it will circle you due to a glitch in the acceleration code. If this happens, don't move as this will make it circle closer to you, possibly killing you. Also, it can be used as a guard.
  • The Bull is the only animal to have a 2 next to its name in the game files.
Cow 1CowCow 1Pig 1PigPig 1Chicken 1ChickenChicken 1
Bull 2BullBull 2Bull 1BullyBull 1Wolf 1WolfWolf 1
Fish 1GoldfishFish 1Duck 1DuckDuck 1Sheep 1SheepSheep 1

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