Accessories are found in the store and are bought with gold. Buying accessories that have no effect is not recommended. Buy accessories that have a beneficial effect or spend your gold on hats instead. Although you shouldn't buy hats that have no effect either if they are not free.

Table of Accessories

This is the table of all current accessories.

Accessory Price Image Effect
Snowball 1000 Access_12.png None
Tree Cape 1000 Access_9.png None
Stone Cape 1000 Access_10.png None
Cookie Cape 1500 Access_3.png None
Cow Cape 2000 Access_8.png None
Monkey Tail 2000 Access_11.png None
Apple Basket 3000 Access_17.png None
Winter Cape 3000 Access_6.png None
Skull Cape 4000 Access_4.png None
Dash Cape 5000 Access_5.png None
Dragon Cape 6000 Access_2.png None
Super Cape 8000 Access_1.png None
Troll Cape 8000 Access_7.png None
Thorns 10000 Access_14.png None
Blockades 10000 Access_15.png None
Devils Tail 10000 Access_20.png None
Sawblade 12000 Access_16.png Deals 5 damage to anyone who damages you with melee weapons
Angel Wings 15000 Access_13.png You regen 3 HP per second while wearing
Shadow Wings 15000 Access_19.png Increases movement speed
Blood Wings 20000 Access_18.png Restores 20% of melee damage you deal
Corrupt X Wings 20000 Access_21.png Reflects 25% of melee damage taken
Access 13Angel WingsAccess 13Access 16SawbladeAccess 16Access 18Blood WingsAccess 18Access 19Shadow WingsAccess 19

Access 21Corrupt X WingsAccess 21

Access 1Super CapeAccess 1Access 2Super CapeAccess 2Access 3Cookie CapeAccess 3Access 4Skull CapeAccess 4

Access 5Dash CapeAccess 5Access 6Winter CapeAccess 6Access 7Troll CapeAccess 7Access 8Cow CapeAccess 8

Access 9Tree CapeAccess 9Access 10Stone CapeAccess 10Access 11Monkey TailAccess 11Access 12SnowballAccess 12

Access 14ThornsAccess 14Access 15BlockadesAccess 15Access 17Apple BasketAccess 17Access 20Devils TailAccess 20